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We pride ourselves on the calibre of our service: but then we're very fortunate in our staff. We employ only the best; and not only do we ensure that they benefit from extensive training, health and community support, but we also believe in encouraging their full participation in both our present and our future.

We practise a responsible attitude towards energy conservation in terms of the reduction and recycling of waste; the control of sewage disposal, air-emissions and pollutants; the reduction in use of such unfriendly products as CFSs, pesticides and other toxic substances; and the reduction of noise and visual pollution.


Our mission is to create buildings of outstanding ethnic design; to offer the highest standards of service and product; and to provide our management and staff with an environment that enables us all to deliver a level of operating standards, which will both exceed the level of our guests' expectations and result in satisfactory returns to our stakeholders.

We are committed to the development of those projects that accord optimum regard to environmental concerns in terms of; design, planning, construction and operation. We are sensitive towards monitoring the interests of the local population; particularly with regard to the safeguarding of their traditions, culture and future development.